Best External Hard Disk In India 2020

Best External Hard DiskBest 1TB External Hard Drive in India 2020

External hard disks are a convenient type of their Portable data storage medium with that you can carry files and media and also use it anywhere you would like without an internet connection.

Due to the constant development of data storage technology, how big these hard disk currently match or exceed that classic hard disk and have a great deal more advanced capabilities.

Within the following article, we bring one of the best external hard drive 1tb available in the Indian sector

Ranging from wired to wireless storage form factors, we trust that this guide will guide you with the perfect approach to this rewarding purchase experience.

best External Hard Disk 1tb (1tb external hard drive best buy)

Transcend Storejet 25M3

Seagate Expansion

WD Elements

Lenovo F309


WD My Passport Wireless Pro

1. Transcend Storejet 25M3

Best External Hard Disk

Transcend is a famous brand when it comes to external storage media. Transcend was one of the first brands to release USB thumb drives in the Indian industry.

The Transcend 25M3 is one of the fastest available 1TB external hard disks priced under Rs.6,000. It is the best price external hard drive 1tb.

Transcend 25M3 has a strange design language, which makes it stand out from the rest of the competitors in its section.

The green and black double color scheme makes it appear playful yet elegant. This unit is made of high-quality vinyl stuff and contains a coating of rubber insulation on top.

This rubbery layer assists in grip and also protects the internals from mild falls and consequent shocks.

The Transcend 25M3 weighs about 227 g and is very much portable in the pant pocket before noticing its presence.


Capacity1 TB
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Wi-Fi No
Additional notes shock protection


As we mentioned previously, the Transcend 25M3 comes with 1 TB of storage that is offline.

This external hard drive supports USB 3.1 protocol, which simply means it’ll be faster than the USB 3.0 as it has to do with information transfers.

This gadget is backward compatible with legacy protocols such as USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.

You do not need to be worried about the compatibility with the hard disk with your old notebook or smartphone; it is going to work just fine.


The Transcend Storejet 25M3 includes three-stage shock protection. It has been exposing to military standards for data protection.

Even if the hard disk inadvertently fell from your hands, the data will be protected inside.

There is a button on the hard disk enclosure that empowers one-touch backup when combined with the Transcend Elite program.

It allows you easily back up all the contents without manually dragging and dropping or clicking on the files manually.


The Transcend Storejet 25M3 is among the fastest and more economical 1TB external hard disk drives available in the market today.

With top tier safety provisions such as the three-stage shock protection, the apparatus indeed is the best in the business.


2. Seagate Expansion

Best External Hard Disk

Seagate is a US-based information storage company famous because of its consumer-level storage goods in the Indian sector.

The Seagate Plus Slim is still among the most popular funding 1TB wired external hard disks that have been available for quite a while.

The Seagate Plus Slim as the name suggests sports that an ultra-slim 12.1mm thick chassis made from a high-quality plastic material.

Aside from the Seagate logo and the neatly laid out status LED on the front, there are not any kind add-ons on the exterior of this budget external hard disk.

This hard disk drive is quite pocketable and weighs only about 160g.


Capacity1 TB
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Wi-Fi No
Additional notes Seagate secure encryption

Storage Ability

This best external hard drive 1tb is designed for those that are looking for a supplementary storage device to be used alongside their laptop or smartphone.

Phones and laptops these days include sufficient internal storage, and most of the users won’t even use that incomplete.

If you are an ordinary consumer, this hard disk can store all of your files and media files and have some additional free space.


This free hard disk works with both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 devices.

The one distinction is that the copying rate is likely to be slower at the former compared to the latter, which is to be anticipated.

The Lyve app from Seagate helps you back up the contents of the drive to the cloud and get them anywhere, no matter the device — be it your laptop smartphone or your tablet.


The Seagate Plus Slim is a funding 1TB hard disk that delivers a handy and portable information storage medium for budget-conscious Indian consumers.

3. WD Elements

Best External Hard Disk

Western Digital is an American Data Storage company that has been the pioneers of Portable storage as time immemorial.

The Element shows from Western Digital was one of the initial entrants to the external hard disk marketplace, and they have been among those people’s favorites as then.


Capacity1 TB
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Wi-Fi No
Additional notes Available in diff. capacities

Design and construct quality

The matte tiled staircase complete and the clever connecting cable arrangement leaves using this Portable hard disk a simple affair.

Storage capacity

As the title says, this hard disk comes with a 1TB storage capacity.

In our opinion, if you are an ordinary person, the 1TB worth of distance will likely be more than enough for instant use, for example, storing photos, occasional films, and TV series, and some files also.

With a host of additional features that the company supplies with this item, this is a product worth getting your attention.

This hard disk comes with a USB3.0 interface, which will fasten your information transfers across devices supporting the same. It does operate with USB2.0 devices as well, albeit with a drop in transfer speed.


Western Digital includes a plethora of software utilities to enhance the usability of their goods. One such software that accompanies this external hard disk is the WD backup.

This program will allow you to make copies of local files on your computer like photos, videos, and data to the external hard disk in the click of a button.

The process is easy, simple, and saves you a lot of time in searching for a backup tool on your personal computer.

Unlike other hard disk manufacturers, WD emphasizes a good deal on security. This WD Element hard disk has a 256-bit AES hardware encryption that’s quite tough to split and will keep your files and folders protected.

This item has a limited warranty, which can cover unforeseen issues with the apparatus, for example, some other hardware failure resulting on its own.


WD Element is a stylish and sleek external hard disk that performs well concerning data storage and retrieval.

The read/write speeds are constant and will provide you a delightful experience as time passes.

The hardware safety attribute and WD backup software will make you feel comfortable understanding that the security of the data saved within is of top priority.

4. Lenovo F309

Best External Hard Disk

Lenovo is among the market leaders when it comes to the laptop market in India. The company also has a broad selection of product lineups, which range from power banks to tablets.

The Lenovo F309 is a portable external hard disk drive with 1TB capacity priced under Rs.4,000.

The Lenovo F309 is made of high-quality polycarbonate plastic material. It’s a matte finish outside that feels and looks classy.

The multi-colored indicator LED is put on the side, across the medial side. This is a smart design choice because it could be easily visible in the distance when positioned flat on a tabletop.

This portable hard disk weighs about 230g, which is not considered and can be easily carried in your pocket or backpack.


Capacity1 TB
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Wi-Fi No
Additional notes Compact and Slim design


The Lenovo F309 comes with 1TB storage and also supports USB 3.0 wired connectivity.

With compatible devices, the USB 3.0 performs considerably quicker than the old USB 2.0.

One thing to be mentioned here is that the Lenovo F309 is back compatible with USB 2.0, and the only issue is that you won’t notice the rate you get with a USB 3.0 port.


This portable hard disk drive may operate effortlessly everywhere under 40 levels, which is most famous for a humid and hot state like India.

This device includes built-in surge protection also has an anti-static design to keep your data protected from voltage changes and electronic interference from other devices.


The Lenovo F309 is a funding Portable hard disk that has a lot of user-centric features like multi-colored LED notification and internal circuitry spike protection mechanism.

5. ADATA HD710M Pro

Best External Hard Disk

ADATA is a Taiwanese memory and storage manufacturer that’s a favorite for budget USB drives and these from the Indian sector.

The HD710 Guru from ADATA is still an outside portable rocky and invisibly utilize the hard disk using a 1TB capacity.


Capacity1 TB
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Wi-Fi No
Additional notes Triple layer protection

Design and build Excellent

ADATA HD710 Guru sports a rugged silicone material outer casing that offers military-grade shock resistant and resistance features to this external hard disk drive.

This Portable hard disk from ADATA has undergone several fall tests during its testing and design period.

Even with this amount of extensive abuse, this merchandise continued to perform the same as it was before, which itself is a testimony to its build quality and durability.

This external hard disk features a wrap-around cable that isn’t hard to plug into the server device.

Because it remains attached to the disk, the anxiety of losing or forgetting the cable back at home is not an issue anymore.

IP68 waterproof certification!!

Yes, that’s right! This external 1TB hard disk from ADATA has an IP68 certificate.

It may remain submerged under 2m of water around 60 minutes and function as usual. This is something remarkable. Is not it?

If you’re a traveling junkie and would love to back up your photos and other info about the hard disk immediately so that you could spare space on your SD card, then this hard disk could be the ideal.

With this kind of excellent all-weather usage capacity, nothing will stop this device from safely saving your information.


With the most recent USB 3.0 port, this Portable hard disk may transfer content much faster than the USB2.0 counterparts.

In terms of compatibility with older devices sporting USB2.0 vents, it works perfectly without any problems.

Among the USP of the hard disk is that it has a shock detector indoors.

If the drive detects a fall, it stops the operation of this flash memory indoors to protect and retain the information inside undamaged.


The ADATA HD710 Guru is the most delicate rugged and all-weather use, a Portable hard disk in the market at present. Period.

6. WD My Passport Wireless Pro

Best External Hard Disk

Ever dreamt of streaming data wirelessly into the external hard disk drive and back? The dream has come true with all the Passport Wireless Pro from Western Digital.

The My Passport Wireless Pro is a 1TB Wi-Fi-enabled portable hard disk that could double up as a network server and a Portable electricity bank also.


Capacity1 TB
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Wi-Fi No
Additional notes 10 Hours battery life

Boxy layout that looks ordinary

The design of the futuristic portable hard disk is OK, to say the very least. The boxy design, we think, highlights the viability aspect as opposed to the eye-pleasing design.

On the front, there’s a row of four blue LED indicators that informs about the charge left inside the gadget. Below that, two LEDs are indicating the link status of the apparatus as well.

The power button is located on the very best. The button is rather big and responsive.

This portable wireless hard disk includes a USB3.0 jack and a regular USB2,0 port to get in touch with devices over the wire without making use of Wi-Fi.

There is an SD card reader with this apparatus too.

This Portable 1TB hard disk has built-in Wi-Fi, which will allow you to connect to the device wirelessly and stream content from it.

You may join up to 8 devices concurrently and flow content without any kind of info or stutters happening in between.

The wireless 802.11 ac Wi-Fi allows you to transfer content from other Wi-Fi enabled devices such as cameras, smartphones, or laptops quickly.

Utilizing media applications such as plex, this device can be used as a Portable media server in the home where it is possible to upload movies and watch them on your device within the air.

Battery life and more

The WD Passport Wireless Guru includes a 6400mAh battery pack interior. This will let this Portable hard disk to last for about 10 hours of continuous usage.

What more particular about this hard disk is that using all the built-in USB2.0 port, it is possible to double it up as an electricity bank and control your smartphones and other devices also.

Access files from everywhere

With WD’s My app, this portable 1TB hard disk could be hooked up on a network at home or office, and the files inside could be obtained from any area of the world seamlessly with no interruption.


If you would like an all in one device with the properties of a portable hard disk, the WD Passport Wireless Pro is a beautiful start.

Wireless operation empowers movie/photo streaming over the network to simultaneous apparatus simultaneously and thus being an ideal media server device at home.

The electricity bank choice can also be a bonus that will let you stay powered when you’re away in the grid, and your smartphone is all about to die.

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